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We encourage you to request and obtain refills for ongoing medications, during your annual physical exam visit.  You may also request refills during other scheduled office visits.
Refill requests made without an office visit require your pharmacy to contact our office electronically, with a written refill request.  You may also request a refill by using our secure patient portal.

Prescriptions will only be refilled if you have been seen in our office within the last year.

Lab & Test Results

You may view your lab results on our secure patient portal. Typically, lab results are available within 72 hours, however, some may take longer. Urgent test results will be called to you immediately. 

As a service to our patients, we collect lab specimens in our office and send them to   Sunrise Medical Laboratories or Labcorp for processing, depending on your insurance coverage.



If your insurance company requires a referral to see a specialist your referral may be issued during a scheduled visit.

You may also use our secure patient portal make your referral request. Submit the name, phone number and address of the physician along with the reason you are seeing the specialist.

Referrals will not be mailed or left at the front desk for pick up at our office Referrals are faxed directly to the specialist’s office.

Referrals cannot be back-dated, as this violates the agreement that has been made with your insurance company. We are not responsible if your specialist allows you to see them without the proper referral.


Location & Contact Information

Internal Medicine & Primary Care Near You

Dr. Alan Morrison is a top-rated internal medicine and primary care doctor conveniently located in Upper Northwest Washington D.C. treating adult and adolescent patients.

Telephone Hours

Monday-Thursday: 8AM-5PM
Friday: 8AM-3PM

Regular Office Hours

Regular office hours are by appointment:

Monday & Wednesday: 9AM-4:30PM
Tuesday: 9AM-2:45PM
Friday: 9AM-12:45PM

Extended office hours are available by appointment.

After Hours Information

Members of the practice are provided with a specific after hours phone number to reach Dr. Morrison directly.

Other callers, may call our answering service at 240-638-9757 to contact the physician on call 24 hours a day.

If you call our office after hours for a routine matter you may leave a message on the office voicemail. Your message will be addressed the next business day.

*In the event of a medical emergency, dial 911.


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